Excel and Google sheets are every PPC account manager’s best friend. As a newbie, getting familiar with these tools and knowing their applications for everyday PPC is super important. In order to help you along, I’ve outlined some helpful tips and how to apply them to your PPC account management.Continue Reading

Industry insider tips from Stefan Georgi A good story almost always wins. People aren’t captivated by features and benefits. They’re captivated by feelings and emotions. The easiest way to activate those things is through a story. This applies no matter whether we’re talking about long-form direct response copy, Facebook VideoContinue Reading

Introduction to EvaDav Another day, another fresh review from our series of Push notification Ad networks. This time, we’ll analyze EvaDav – Push Ad network which combines effective solutions for both Advertisers and Webmasters under their platform. At the beginning of 2019, I’ve already been working with EvaDav for someContinue Reading