Why Confusion Arises About Being a Blogging Influencer

Influencer is a verb. Not a noun. Influencer is an action. Not a title. Some bloggers deem themselves as being influential bloggers but this is not a self-appointed term. Far from it. Other human beings decide if you are an influencer or not. Perception thing. The more you nudge into the term, the easier it […]

How the Influencer Marketing Thing Works

Help people for thousands of hours. Gain exposure. Gain skills. Be seen as credible. Then, when you appear to be in a million places at once, people see you as a blogging influencer and reach out to you. Some new bloggers crave being blogging influencers. Impossible. Snowballs have a better chance surviving in the fiery […]

How to start a fashion blog and become an Instagram influencer in 2020

Are you overwhelmed by all the fashion blogging advice? You’ve been reading and researching but it’s hard to figure out where and how to start a fashion blog, right? You’re not alone. In this step-by-step guide on how to start a fashion blog and become an Instagram influencer, I’ll address the following questions: How do […]

How to start a vlog and become a YouTube influencer in 2020

Want to make a vlog? This how to start a vlog guide answers all your vlogging questions. It gives you a clear action plan on how to create a YouTube channel, publish videos like a pro and make money. In my how to make a vlog guide, I’ll address the following questions: How can I […]

10 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2020

In late 2018, B2B influencer marketing was on the industry watch list as predictions for what this year would hold began popping up. And what we saw were some major advancements in what B2B marketers had planned for influencer marketing in 2019 including: Compliance due to GDPR and disclosing paid sponsorships Prioritizing influencer video content […]