Every business needs a checking account. Whether you’re running a startup, small business, single-member sole proprietorship, or side hustle, you’ll need to separate your business transactions from your personal finances. For the most part, a business checking account functions very similarly to a personal checking account. However, business checking accountsContinue Reading

Which website builder is best for bloggers and small businesses? Is it Squarespace or WordPress? Let’s compare the two blogging platforms. Comparing WordPress vs Squarespace, I’ll address the following questions: What is the best website builder for beginners? Does Squarespace own your content? Is WordPress cheaper than Squarespace? Does GoogleContinue Reading

2019 was a challenging year for affiliates, categorized by an ever-changing landscape of programmatic automation and the search for new traffic sources. As Facebook continued to tighten its grip on Black Hat promotional methods, many affiliates moved towards more white hat, scalable advertising strategies or looked towards TikTok and SouthContinue Reading