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1,300 adult performers accuse Instagram of unfairly deleting their accounts

Over the past year, social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram have made it almost impossible for NSFW artists to exist on the platforms — from banning any discussion around “sexual preference,” “sexual roles,” “breasts,” and “buttocks” to the tech giant’s latest stunt in restricting solicitation that involves “sexual emoji or emoji strings.” Alongside strict guidelines, […]

Twitter forgets dead people, suspends plan to delete inactive accounts

Twitter forgot about dead people.  The social media giant awkwardly copped to that fact late Wednesday morning with a tweet admitting that, perhaps, its recently announced plan to free up inactive accounts for new registration may not have been entirely thought through. Specifically, the company admitted to overlooking the impact such a process might have […]

TikTok denies suspending makeup tutorial teen for raising awareness of China’s detention camps

Credit: Feroza Aziz on TikTok A 17-year old Muslim girl on TikTok has been uploading now-viral makeup tutorials, but with a political twist. In a video shared by “@getmefamouspartthree,” Feroza Aziz seemingly gives tips on how to lengthen your lashes by telling users to grab a set of lash curlers, but then directs viewers to […]

TikTok limited the reach of users with visible disabilities

TikTok, the social media sensation du jour, has apparently been hobbling users who have physical disabilities. It did so in a misguided attempt to shield these people from bullying — heavy emphasis on the word “misguided.” According to a report from Netzpolitik, leaked documents reveal TikTok had special rules in place for those with some visible or […]

The Future of Fast Advertising is Born as Aviation Gin Saves the Peloton Wife in Clever Sequel

Bravo Ryan Reynolds! Bravo. A brilliant form of marketing is playing out right now from the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin on social media. It represents the next trend in advertising, or what I call “fast advertising.” If you’ve been following the Peloton marketing fiasco, then you will appreciate the ambitious (and/or audacious) marketing coup achieved […]

Dads are ruining (improving) people’s Spotify Wrapped data with their dad music

Spotify Premium isn’t free, so it makes sense that family members share accounts. When it’s Spotify Wrapped season, though, giving Dad free rein on your account can wreak havoc on your Top Songs list. As people post screenshots of their Wrapped data this week, the folks who share their account with Dad are adding extremely […]

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